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Richard Kuhn is a professor of Biological Sciences at Purdue University, Ind., USA. He completed his undergraduate studies in biochemistry at the States University of New York at Stony Brook. In 1981 he joined the Department of Microbiology where he did graduate research studying poliovirus replication in the laboratory of Dr. Eckard Wimmer.

After receiving his Ph.D. in molecular virology in 1986 he joined the laboratory of Dr James Strauss at the California Institute of Technology. He was recruited to Purdue University as an assistant professor in the Markey Center for Structural Biology in 1991. He was appointed Head of the Department of Biological Sciences in 2005 and Director of the Bindley Bioscience Center in 2007. His research at Purdue has focused on the replication and assembly of alphaviruses and flaviviruses. Together with his structural biology colleagues, especially Michael Rossmann, he has been involved in many fundamental studies examining the structure and assembly of enveloped virus, including the first structure of Dengue virus. His focus continues to be in virus replication, virion assembly, pathogenesis, and host cell interactions using biochemical, genetic, and structural techniques.

Prof. Kuhn was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2007), was selected as a Purdue University Faculty Scholar (2004 – 2009) and is a member of the U.S Panel on Viral Diseases of the US-Japan Cooperative Medical Sciences Program. He serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Virology, and Virology, and is the author of over 100 publications. Richard advises Sentinext on matters related to characterization of VLP surface structures.

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