Management Team

Dr. Jane Cardosa completed a bachelor's degree at Princeton University in 1974, a M.Phil at Columbia University in 1975 and a D.Phil. at Oxford University in 1984. She has extensive experience conducting research in developing countries, and has combined basic research with translational research in Penang and in Sarawak, Malaysia. She has also been actively involved in disease surveillance activities, especially for dengue, Japanese encephalitis and enterovirus 71, as well as for other emerging diseases.

Dr. Cardosa has served on a number of international scientific boards and committees, using the insight she has developed working in developing countries to address global health problems. Among others, she has been a member of the WHO Advisory Group on dengue and other flavivirus vaccines; the Scientific Board of the Bill & Belinda Gates foundation initiative, Grand Challenges in Global Health, and currently is on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Grand Challenges Canada.

In February 2009 she had the honour of giving a Tanner lecture on emerging infectious diseases on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Brasenose College, Oxford University.

Dr Uwe Schlokat
CEO & Director

Michelle Gan
VP Finance

Dr Lim Pei Yin
Laboratory Director

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